Endorsement/Link/Review Policy

I started A Year In A Kilt as a fun project/experiment. I am not paid to endorse or advertise any kilts, kilt accessories or products and at this time I have no plans to be. When I began this project I was completely kiltless and so I purchased around 10 kilts of different types and varieties as well as several accessories. These are the products I review on my blog. While I have no plans to accept advertising, I will be happy to review a kilt or kilt accessories if you wish to send me a complimentary product. Please be aware my reviews are as honest and fair as I can make them. I can't promise a glowing review but if your product is quality you shouldn't be concerned about that, should you?? If you would like to make arrangements to send me a kilt-oriented product to test and review send me an email and we can discuss arrangements. If you have an online shop or website that deals in kilts and merchandise, Scottish wear or Celtic products, send me a link to your site and I'll be happy to add the link to my page at no charge.


  1. This is awesome...can i post a link on my FB grp. Everything Celtic? or you can join us there... we would love to follow you!!
    Sheri "McManus" Bradey

  2. You certainly can! If it is a Facebook Page it might be easier to work with the A Year In A Kilt Facebook Page but you can link here as well. If you would like me to link to your website, let me know.