Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perils of Updating

If you've been checking in to this blog regularly it might appear that I haven't done any updates in awhile. But that's only partially correct. Not too long after I started the blog my computer developed a bad hard drive and became almost unusable. I kept putting off repairs since I had other internet access and I only used my desktop computer when I had to. When using mobile devices it's so much easier to interact with Facebook and Twitter than it is with this blog so I've done most of my updating on the Year In A Kilt Facebook page. If you haven't visited the page, please do. You don't even have to have Facebook to check it out. Anyway, I recently sent my computer to the doctor for repairs and it should be back in a day or two. At that point I should be doing many more updates here for those who just don't want to mess around with anything Facebook. So hang on. Lots of new photos and updates are coming!

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