Monday, July 2, 2012

The Heat Is On

Wow, it sure has been a scorcher here in the southern USA. In fact, I guess it's been uncomfortably hot in many areas of the country. It's weather like this that makes me glad I didn't spend all my budget on a heavy wool kilt. I still don't have a wool kilt and I hope to get one before winter comes back around but right now I'm enjoying the advantages of wearing my light-weight SportKilts. The SportKilts were the first kilts I purchased on my year-long kilt journey and, while I really liked them, I began to realize they weren't the warmest kilts to wear when it started turning colder. They are very nice casual kilts but the material is a much thinner weight than one would want for the winter. Fortunately this is the very quality that makes them perfect for summer wearing. In the 100+ degree weather they keep me quite cool and comfortable. At least as comfortable as I can be in that kind of heat. And I should mention that I'm not at all a fan of weather above 75 degrees. I really think I need to consider a move to Maine.

Have you been able to check out the A Year In A Kilt Facebook Page? The page more than doubled in "friends" the last 24 hours. It's getting to be a bit unruly over there. It is its own kind of party for sure. Check it out if you don't mind a dose of wacky adventure in your Facebooking. I'm hoping to put up some new photos this week. Be on the lookout!


  1. As someone who wears a kilt regularly, it's nice to see someone taking it to an art form. I know you'll reach April 27, 2013 and decide that this is a life choice. I work in public as an artist-in-residence and believe me, it's a great conversation starter. Most importantly, it's now how people expect me to dress. Go for it and enjoy the adventure.

  2. I know how it's such a bummer when you can't wear your favorite wardrobe for a certain part of a year but you can never know, maybe soon there will be modifications for its materials to cover up for the season.