Monday, May 21, 2012

A Three Kilt Day!

One thing I do enjoy about Chattanooga is its diversity. Contrary to what some may think of this part of the country, Chattanooga is an interesting social mix of people. There is a very strong tradition of conservative church-goers while at the same time an active alternative culture. It seems to make this area a little more accepting of "different people." Sure, I get stares and giggles when I wear the kilt in public but so far the only overly negative displays against my kilt-wearing has come when I have been in another city. So I'd like to think Chattanooga is a little more open to the kilt. I have heard there are several other regular kilt-wearers in this area and I finally got verification today when I ran into two guys in their kilts attending the Chattanooga Market.

I must begin with an apology. When I had my photo made with this gentleman, I asked his name and then decided to trust my own mind to remember it. Unfortunately my own mind chose to remind me I'm 50. I can't remember his name. Even worse, the name is just two initials. One of the initials is P. I can't even get the old mind to hang on to one letter. Fortunately, I did give _.P. the website address of A Year In A Kilt so hopefully he will stop by, click this email link, and remind me of his name. My apologies. I have seen _.P. several times in the past strolling through the Market in his kilt but it was only a couple weeks ago that I met him for the first time and heard about his McGregor tartan. He wears it well and I look forward to seeing more appearances in the future.

My second kilt encounter was with Bagpiper Chris Weidner who was in his MacDonald Ancient tartan after playing bagpipes for a local event. I enjoyed seeing the MacDonald Ancient up close since that is also my family tartan and I own a couple of the modern ones. Chris told me horror stories about having his photo made on St. Patrick's Day with women who had apparently had a little too much Irish whiskey. They would do the photo countdown and right before snapping the photo, they would lift the kilt. Scary stuff. There's more to that story too but, er... I'd better let Chris tell it to you. I'm posting a video of Chris playing the pipes and if you like what you hear and find yourself needing a piper I suggest you give him a call at 423-619-8094.

Not a bad day at the Chattanooga Market. Let's get some more kilts out there!


  1. Knoxville is kilt friendly, too! If you are ever up this way, give me a yell!

  2. Knoxville is my hometown. I haven't been able to get back and wear the kilt much but I have a couple times and both times encountered some negative comments. Should be back up soon and try it again. :)