Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Observations

#1. It's interesting getting stares and giggles at my kilt from people headed to the pool with towels wrapped around their waists. Just sayin'.

#2. "Regimental" is overrated. That's right, I said it. Wearing the kilt "Regimental" (or "commando" to some of you...) is seriously not very practical and I'm not sure why anyone wants to do it. While I've worn the kilt sans skivvies a few times in the past few months, today was the first time I did so all day long. Maybe it's just me but wearing the kilt this way is so much more uncomfortable. It's hotter, sweatier and one has to take even greater care when sitting in public or getting in and out of one's vehicle so as not to pull a Paris Hilton. Two days ago I was wearing my thinner SportKilt and the crazy winds were forcing me to recreate the famous Marilyn Monroe subway grate scene in The Seven Year Itch. If I had been bare-cheeked during that incident I've no doubt I would have seen a police ticket and several passers by vomiting. I dunno. Maybe letting the boys play free under the tartan is a younger man's activity. I'll continue giving it a fair shake (oops...) but I'm not feeling it at this point.

 #3. When I first decided last September to wear the kilt for a year I purchased a whole lot of stuff I thought I would need or want to wear that I probably never will. So if any one else out there is thinking of doing this, just let me say, put your money in a few comfortable, durable kilts, a nice belt and sporran and a kilt pin or two and hold off on any other accessories. It's all about the kilt.


  1. I'm completely with you about the underwear issue. When I wear my kilts (often) I am usually working all day - standing, sweating, all that. My need for underpants has less to do with unintentional flashing and more to do with chaffing issues! I sometimes wear boxer briefs, and it helps a lot.

  2. As to going Commando, I wouldn't have it any other way, but as you say that might be a personal, if not also a practical issue. I design, install and maintain gardens here in NYC, and in the heat of Summer, there really is no other way to lay it...come january, I will again feel the wrath of Winter, but as last year was my first season, I hope it's about as "warm" a I am still committed, if not more so, to going a full year without a zipper...