Monday, May 28, 2012

For Sale: Utility Kilts

I'm selling a couple of my utility kilts. These two kilts are my favorites of the utility kilts I've purchased but they are just too short for my 6'5" body to comfortably work in. They are both very fine kilts and I only worn them one time each so practically new. For these kilts, I am asking $75 each plus shipping. I will eventually put these on eBay or Craigslist if you guys don't want them, so contact me ASAP if you are interested  Read on for photos and descriptions or contact me for more info.

Khaki Utility Kilt $75 SOLD!!

This utility kilt was the kilt I thought I would be using most of the time for work. It's a size 40 waist and a 24" length, perfect size for a kilt but I feel the need for a little more length when I'm working. The material is soft cotton twill and extremely comfortable. Two side pockets have lots of room for stuff and the back pocket will hold a wallet and more. The kilt snaps inside and outside for security, has belt loops and two buckles on the side. I tried to wear this kilt one time to work in and while doing so got a spot of paint on the corner of one of the pockets and another spot on the back side. The paint is barely noticeable and can probably even be removed with some latex paint remover. However, if you use these for work you probably have no need to do so.

Black Utility Kilt $75 SOLD!!

I reviewed this utility kilt earlier in the blog and you can read the review and description here. I won't add much more to the description other than it is a 23" length which is just uncomfortably short for me, at 6'5". I wanted this kilt to be longer and then I got lucky and found the exact kilt in a longer length. So I'm happy with that and maybe you can benefit and be happy with this one.
Front of kilt

Back of kilt

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Three Kilt Day!

One thing I do enjoy about Chattanooga is its diversity. Contrary to what some may think of this part of the country, Chattanooga is an interesting social mix of people. There is a very strong tradition of conservative church-goers while at the same time an active alternative culture. It seems to make this area a little more accepting of "different people." Sure, I get stares and giggles when I wear the kilt in public but so far the only overly negative displays against my kilt-wearing has come when I have been in another city. So I'd like to think Chattanooga is a little more open to the kilt. I have heard there are several other regular kilt-wearers in this area and I finally got verification today when I ran into two guys in their kilts attending the Chattanooga Market.

I must begin with an apology. When I had my photo made with this gentleman, I asked his name and then decided to trust my own mind to remember it. Unfortunately my own mind chose to remind me I'm 50. I can't remember his name. Even worse, the name is just two initials. One of the initials is P. I can't even get the old mind to hang on to one letter. Fortunately, I did give _.P. the website address of A Year In A Kilt so hopefully he will stop by, click this email link, and remind me of his name. My apologies. I have seen _.P. several times in the past strolling through the Market in his kilt but it was only a couple weeks ago that I met him for the first time and heard about his McGregor tartan. He wears it well and I look forward to seeing more appearances in the future.

My second kilt encounter was with Bagpiper Chris Weidner who was in his MacDonald Ancient tartan after playing bagpipes for a local event. I enjoyed seeing the MacDonald Ancient up close since that is also my family tartan and I own a couple of the modern ones. Chris told me horror stories about having his photo made on St. Patrick's Day with women who had apparently had a little too much Irish whiskey. They would do the photo countdown and right before snapping the photo, they would lift the kilt. Scary stuff. There's more to that story too but, er... I'd better let Chris tell it to you. I'm posting a video of Chris playing the pipes and if you like what you hear and find yourself needing a piper I suggest you give him a call at 423-619-8094.

Not a bad day at the Chattanooga Market. Let's get some more kilts out there!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tough Gig

I knew when I made the decision to strap on the kilt for a year that it wouldn't be easy. There are a lot of difficulties guys in kilts have to face that I'm not sure the general public is aware of. You become the subject of pointing fingers, spontaneous giggles, not-so-discreet whispers and even straight-out laughter. In Nashville I was chased and taunted by a truckload of rednecks to the point I thought I was going to have to whip out my sgian dubh and teach those rude youngsters a lesson. It's enough to make a man want to put on some pants. And then there's this: recently, while attending an art festival I was approached by a tall, young, attractive woman named Dena who informed me that she and her husband have a special tradition when it comes to kilt-wearers. Apparently, any time they see a kilted man in public, Dena must kiss the man while her husband get a snapshot. Seriously. I was afraid to ask if I would be the first subject in their photo adventure or if they had several albums full back home. At any rate, I was more than happy to oblige them and thus, my very first "kissed by a stranger" photo of my year in a kilt journey. I do hope that the general public is a little more informed about the trials we kilt-wearers must daily face. Not to mention the horrifying lengths Dena had to go to to uphold her family tradition.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Still Not Got

Thought I would post a follow-up to my previous post about ordering a kilt from the company GotKilt. It has been exactly 2 months ago today that I put in my order for a utility kilt and a few accessories. In spite of attempts to contact the company through email and through their Facebook page, I have not seen my order nor have any of my emails been returned. Someone has updated the Facebook page several times since I sent a message but no one has bothered addressing my email. The funds for my order have already been subtracted from my bank account through PayPal but I have no products. At this point I would advise anyone considering ordering anything from GotKilt to beware. I've dealt with several kilt companies the past few months and so far this one has been the most unsatisfactory.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Observations

#1. It's interesting getting stares and giggles at my kilt from people headed to the pool with towels wrapped around their waists. Just sayin'.

#2. "Regimental" is overrated. That's right, I said it. Wearing the kilt "Regimental" (or "commando" to some of you...) is seriously not very practical and I'm not sure why anyone wants to do it. While I've worn the kilt sans skivvies a few times in the past few months, today was the first time I did so all day long. Maybe it's just me but wearing the kilt this way is so much more uncomfortable. It's hotter, sweatier and one has to take even greater care when sitting in public or getting in and out of one's vehicle so as not to pull a Paris Hilton. Two days ago I was wearing my thinner SportKilt and the crazy winds were forcing me to recreate the famous Marilyn Monroe subway grate scene in The Seven Year Itch. If I had been bare-cheeked during that incident I've no doubt I would have seen a police ticket and several passers by vomiting. I dunno. Maybe letting the boys play free under the tartan is a younger man's activity. I'll continue giving it a fair shake (oops...) but I'm not feeling it at this point.

 #3. When I first decided last September to wear the kilt for a year I purchased a whole lot of stuff I thought I would need or want to wear that I probably never will. So if any one else out there is thinking of doing this, just let me say, put your money in a few comfortable, durable kilts, a nice belt and sporran and a kilt pin or two and hold off on any other accessories. It's all about the kilt.