Friday, February 24, 2012

Utility Kilts

I've decided that utility kilts are vile, vile things. I thought I would purchase one or two to wear at my work and after purchasing four of them now from different companies I'm not sure I can recommend any of them for work wear. I'm an artist and do a lot of mural painting and much of my painting involves sitting on the floor and scooting around a wall. This has proven pretty much impossible to do in a kilt.

In an earlier review of a utility kilt from AmeriKilt I revealed not only how poor that kilt is to work in but also how impractical it is to just generally move around in. While this one kilt was the worst, I'm discovering all of the utility kilts I've worn so far have their own difficulties. The pleats do not hold up well while sitting and moving around on them and the kilt does not hang well or hold it's shape well after sitting and moving around. The heavier material is needed for work and multiple pockets are helpful for sure but I don't think it's worth having to constantly adjust the pleats and kilt shape. Even something as simple as driving a few minutes turns the kilt into something not unlike a ballerina tutu. I suppose it's something one must be prepared to work with when wearing a utility kilt but it's frustrating.

At this point I plan on keeping a utility kilt at work and only wearing it during the work hours. I'm going to attempt to avoid wearing it out in public and perhaps then I can not tackle the embarrassment of looking like I'm wearing a poofy skirt. I'm content to stick with my real kilts and leave the utility kilts to only those times it's a must.


  1. I wear a kilt everyday but some days I may change out of it to perform other jobs. For instance when operating a chainsaw. I work in the garden in one unless it's too hot or too cold and windy. Lately it's been too cold and windy and just down right uncomfortable. Kilts are hot, even my lightest made of see through material(see through is one layer, two or more is not) is too hot so thin shorts are the thing. A mini skirt would be better but I'm not going that route.
    Kilts have their place and are my favorite garment but they don't fit all circumstance.

  2. When I was new to kilt wear I wore my denim Union Kilt a bit, however I've not it for a while, I also have a Utilikilt however I only wear it in the house for lounging around. I would not wear it out. I do find a traditional kilt is the way to go as you can dress them up or down, a contemporary kilt can only be dressed up so much as far as I can see.

  3. Hi Rick - I just posted a lengthy response to this, opting suggestions and words of enlightenment, just to flub it up and lose my post. Anyway, Amerikilt Brand utility kilt = bad kilt, high maintenance. Utilikilt Brand utility kilts = Good, low maintenance.

    Also, check how you sit in the kilt, slide your butt into the seat instead of just sitting, it may help.

    SportKilt has a great line too, which now includes the New World Celts tartan. We love the lighter weight and it's very manageable.

    My other post was better, but now I'm done. =]
    Mary Hill - President
    NWC Chattanooga Chapter TN-01

    1. Howard HotchkissJune 30, 2012 at 1:28 AM

      I have to whole heatedly agree with with you about the Utilikilts Kilts. I have had 4 of them and they have never turned into a poofy tutu. I have worn them Paintballing, Motorcycle riding and even got one to wear at my wedding. They cost more than most of the same type, but they are well worth it in my opinion. I have yet to run into any problems with them.

  4. Sorry you lost your post. I'm sure it was a great one! :)

    I just ordered a new utility kilt from Got Kilt? I'll let you know that one works out. I like my SportKilts but my favorite kilts so far have come from Heritage of Scotland. These are amazing kilts and under $60! I'm not sure how they do it. As high quality as you can get without buying wool but these feel very much like wool. I've purchased 6 of them so far and I feel like I might get more. So comfortable I'm addicted to them! I'm thinking of getting an all black one and using that for my work kilt. Certainly would be a cheaper option than purchasing all of the utility kilts I've tried so far. I've traveled 3 hours in them, sitting on the pleats and not a single wrinkle to be found. They hold their shape very well.

  5. Heritage of Scotland.... I'm going to look them up now. I'm always on the look out for a great deal for my family and also my Chapter. Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day. Come join us at McHale's Brewhouse, if you're out and about in Chattanooga.
    Till then...

  6. Another vote for utilikilt. I have a workman I wear quite a bit. It doesn't hang like wool but is as hard as nails and has the pleats sewn in so no reforming required.

  7. I may try sewing the pleats down. Some of them are but it might help on the others.

  8. and one more vote for utilikilt especially the workman. Mine is almost 10 years old and it still wears today like it did the day I bought it.

  9. The other important bit about a Utilikilt is the Modesty Snap system. They use a Duck Cloth, but I've never had the issues you had wth the 10 oz Duck from the previous post with my UK, and if I"m worried about flashing or whatnot, I snap the Modesty Snaps that snaps the front to the back so that it stays closed.

  10. Thanks Nick. I Have a utility kilt that I kind of like working in but it doesn't have that "modesty snap." I've been thinking of adding it myself or at least putting some kind of tie under the apron to keep it together.

  11. I thought the Utilikit's looked so "MOD" I decided to go with Kommando Kilts. Wow its tough and really does me fine. I like having somewhat normal pockets too !! For dress the inexpensive wool kilts from Stillwater Kilts seem more than adequate and one heck of a great price !!