Friday, February 24, 2012

Utility Kilts

I've decided that utility kilts are vile, vile things. I thought I would purchase one or two to wear at my work and after purchasing four of them now from different companies I'm not sure I can recommend any of them for work wear. I'm an artist and do a lot of mural painting and much of my painting involves sitting on the floor and scooting around a wall. This has proven pretty much impossible to do in a kilt.

In an earlier review of a utility kilt from AmeriKilt I revealed not only how poor that kilt is to work in but also how impractical it is to just generally move around in. While this one kilt was the worst, I'm discovering all of the utility kilts I've worn so far have their own difficulties. The pleats do not hold up well while sitting and moving around on them and the kilt does not hang well or hold it's shape well after sitting and moving around. The heavier material is needed for work and multiple pockets are helpful for sure but I don't think it's worth having to constantly adjust the pleats and kilt shape. Even something as simple as driving a few minutes turns the kilt into something not unlike a ballerina tutu. I suppose it's something one must be prepared to work with when wearing a utility kilt but it's frustrating.

At this point I plan on keeping a utility kilt at work and only wearing it during the work hours. I'm going to attempt to avoid wearing it out in public and perhaps then I can not tackle the embarrassment of looking like I'm wearing a poofy skirt. I'm content to stick with my real kilts and leave the utility kilts to only those times it's a must.