Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something Funny Going On Here

You might think it takes some bravery to wear a kilt around all day but I gotta tell ya real bravery is deciding to wear a kilt to a comedy club. Especially when it's a very small comedy club down south. And even more so if you plan on sitting in the front row right there in front of the comics. Having spent 10 years as a stand up comic myself, I knew it would be a dangerous maneuver. I also knew it had to be done since I wanted to see Marc Maron perform at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta on January 21 and so I made the trip down. I wore my Irish tartan kilt from Heritage of Scotland. A good looking kilt for a night in Atlanta.

It was my first visit to the Laughing Skull Lounge so I was a little surprised at how small it was. I think it seats 75 people at capacity. But it was a very nice atmosphere and I can see why many comics like to play the room. Four comics opened for Maron and fortunately only the MC decided to mention the kilt. Not as bad as it could have been so I considered myself lucky.

Maron did a great set and afterward I chatted with him. I told him about my year in the kilt and gave him a really nice Scottish tartan yarmulke I purchased from DesignKippah. I don't know, maybe he'll need it next time he goes to Scotland. Thanks, Marc. Great show! Enjoy the head kilt.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work. Best wishes for your year of kilting. I've recently showed interest in kilts and you'd think I was talking about a crime the way my friends and family react to the word kilt.. ha.. Enjoy the year!

    1. Thanks Darrell. I got that reaction a lot too at first. Once you get a good looking kilt and everyone sees how nice it looks they will come around. What tartan(s) are you considering?