Monday, January 2, 2012

Kilt Collection: AmeriKilt's AK Classic Kilt in Khaki

After my negative review about my Olive AK Classic Kilt from AmeriKilt, I decided today to wear the first kilt I purchased from AmeriKilt, the Khaki AK Classic Kilt. While this kilt is very similar in appearance to the second kilt I purchased from the company, the two kilts are made of different material and the difference is more than minor. Let me print a reminder of the description of the AK Classic Kilt from the AmeriKilt website:

AK Classic - Khaki

The only thing neutral about this AK is the color. Don’t let the soft hand fool you – it’s as hard as nails. The durability kicks ass – whether you're out having a few beers with the boys or installing that split rail fence out back. It's built for extraordinary comfort and longevity.

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton, 8.5oz Chino Twill
  • Detachable sporran of the same fabric is included
  • Wide, tapered upper and lower aprons
  • Secures with six durable snaps
  • Extra wide belt loops for our 2in AK Belt
  • Back wallet pocket secures with a flap

Matching Detachable Sporran

We originated the concept. It’s 6in x 9in and of the same fabric as your AmeriKilt. Large enough for the usual gear... wallet, keys, phone, etc., our sporran has two snaps on the flap to help keep your stuff secure.

Back Pocket

We've included a generous back pocket with a flap that secures with a 1in square Velcro® closure.

The pleats are sewn-in and sharp. The bottom edge is neatly serged with a lock-stitch to avoid frays and pull-aways. Our belt loops are sturdy and wide, made to accommodate our custom 2inch AKBelts.

If you did read the review of my other AmeriKilt you may remember that my biggest issue was in the heavier material the company switched to for its kilts. This kilt is made from the 8.5 Chino Twill as listed on the website description. Because of that it is comfortable and a seemingly strong and durable work kilt and fairly easy to maintain. Like most utility kilts there is some wrinkling and adjusting of pleats after sitting down for awhile but this kilt has nowhere near the issues the newer model has. I spent a good amount of time in the outdoors today with a pretty strong wind and the kilt stayed secure thanks to the six snaps. This kilt was so easy to maintain, I almost forgot I was wearing a kilt. I was reminded that this kilt was the reason I ordered another kilt from AmeriKilt.

It's too bad that AmeriKilt didn't stick with this type of kilt because it is well worth the purchase price. If I thought i could get another one just like it I'd order a black one. But with the new material AmeriKilt is using I'll have to go somewhere else.

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