Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear John...

Well, it's only day 2 of the kilt wearing and I've already coined a new phrase. When it's cold enough outside that I feel the need to wear long johns under the kilt I'm saying that I must "john the kilt." Usage of the phrase would be " How cold is it outside? Should I john the kilt?" or "It's 16 degrees and I've got to work outside all day. I'm johning the kilt!" There are some who will say a true Scotsman would never john the kilt. Maybe johning the kilt makes one less of a man but It's hard for anyone to convince me you're more of a man if you have nads the size of raisins. I've read that it isn't necessary to john the kilt if you own a heavyweight wool kilt which, as of now, I don't. So until I acquire one I'll probably continue johning the kilt. For the sake of experimenting I'll even try going commando under the kilt in cold weather but I have a feeling, on the most frigid of days, I'll be johning the kilt.


  1. Thank goodness you wore a navy blue color and not a cream/off white color. Try a red set of long johns for a real 'fashion' statement. Fifteen degrees in a cotton kilt working outside is a time to don the johns!

  2. Leg wraps were normal for Highland regiments serving up here in the great white north back in the day. I have worn long johns with my utilikilt when it gets sub-zero. Being fashionable does not mean being stupid ;)