Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Perils of Updating

If you've been checking in to this blog regularly it might appear that I haven't done any updates in awhile. But that's only partially correct. Not too long after I started the blog my computer developed a bad hard drive and became almost unusable. I kept putting off repairs since I had other internet access and I only used my desktop computer when I had to. When using mobile devices it's so much easier to interact with Facebook and Twitter than it is with this blog so I've done most of my updating on the Year In A Kilt Facebook page. If you haven't visited the page, please do. You don't even have to have Facebook to check it out. Anyway, I recently sent my computer to the doctor for repairs and it should be back in a day or two. At that point I should be doing many more updates here for those who just don't want to mess around with anything Facebook. So hang on. Lots of new photos and updates are coming!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures in Interstate Travel

A couple of new kilt adventures today. Went to the theatre, which I think was the first time since wearing the kilt. Not really a big deal but sitting on pleats in those theatre chairs for three hours isn't much fun.

The other adventure was on the way to the theatre when I got a flat and had to change a tire on the interstate while wearing kilt and tie. Fortunately no damage was done to the kilt in the process but I think several passers by may have caught a glimpse of the lug nuts. Next time I put those things in the hub cap.

I decided to document the kilt outfit but while taking the photo a huge storm broke out. You can see the beginnings in the photo. Still, not a bad day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manly? [UPDATE]

Tampons purchased without incident. Well, except when one of the supermarket employees saw me and yelled "Hey, it's skirt-man!" I should have yelled back "Hey, it's name tag and vest guy!" Even though all went well, I still can't help but think there's probably a YouTube video of it out there now.


My girlfriend just asked me to buy tampons. Normally I've never cared about doing that but I've never had to do that while wearing a kilt. Maybe it sounds ridiculous but there are enough jokes about kilt wearing that one has to hear without knowing you will be the funny story someone tells at the end of the day about the "guy in the dress buying tampons." I'm thinking it would be a good time to buy lots of man stuff. Motor oil, Guinness, power drill, tampons. Maybe that won't look too strange. Perhaps I should drink the Guinness first.

Monday, July 16, 2012


A couple of photos of me in the workshop wearing the Scottish National tartan. Are black boots with a brown sporran appropriate?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Business Meeting Attire

Had a business meeting today with a client in Macon, Georgia and decided to rock it with the Black Watch tartan. I should wear this kilt more often.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day 2012

A few photos from today in the MacDonald tartan. Hope your Independence Day celebration was safe, fun and loud.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Heat Is On

Wow, it sure has been a scorcher here in the southern USA. In fact, I guess it's been uncomfortably hot in many areas of the country. It's weather like this that makes me glad I didn't spend all my budget on a heavy wool kilt. I still don't have a wool kilt and I hope to get one before winter comes back around but right now I'm enjoying the advantages of wearing my light-weight SportKilts. The SportKilts were the first kilts I purchased on my year-long kilt journey and, while I really liked them, I began to realize they weren't the warmest kilts to wear when it started turning colder. They are very nice casual kilts but the material is a much thinner weight than one would want for the winter. Fortunately this is the very quality that makes them perfect for summer wearing. In the 100+ degree weather they keep me quite cool and comfortable. At least as comfortable as I can be in that kind of heat. And I should mention that I'm not at all a fan of weather above 75 degrees. I really think I need to consider a move to Maine.

Have you been able to check out the A Year In A Kilt Facebook Page? The page more than doubled in "friends" the last 24 hours. It's getting to be a bit unruly over there. It is its own kind of party for sure. Check it out if you don't mind a dose of wacky adventure in your Facebooking. I'm hoping to put up some new photos this week. Be on the lookout!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Starting Up Saturday

The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012. What they didn't tell you is only those wearing a kilt will be saved.

It's been a pretty quiet month for my kilt wearing. My business typically slows down in the spring and early summer but I anticipate things picking up soon. I need to do another kilt review but I've been putting it off because it involves 6 kilts I've purchased from one company. That should tell you in advance what I think of the kilts and the company. So it'll probably be a long review with lots of photos and I haven't had the time to write it up. I may just do an over all review since all the kilts are pretty much the same quality. Still, I want to post a photo of each tartan. So that should be coming up soon. And I just remembered another kilt review I need to do. So that's two. Crap, I better get moving...

Monday, May 28, 2012

For Sale: Utility Kilts

I'm selling a couple of my utility kilts. These two kilts are my favorites of the utility kilts I've purchased but they are just too short for my 6'5" body to comfortably work in. They are both very fine kilts and I only worn them one time each so practically new. For these kilts, I am asking $75 each plus shipping. I will eventually put these on eBay or Craigslist if you guys don't want them, so contact me ASAP if you are interested  Read on for photos and descriptions or contact me for more info.

Khaki Utility Kilt $75 SOLD!!

This utility kilt was the kilt I thought I would be using most of the time for work. It's a size 40 waist and a 24" length, perfect size for a kilt but I feel the need for a little more length when I'm working. The material is soft cotton twill and extremely comfortable. Two side pockets have lots of room for stuff and the back pocket will hold a wallet and more. The kilt snaps inside and outside for security, has belt loops and two buckles on the side. I tried to wear this kilt one time to work in and while doing so got a spot of paint on the corner of one of the pockets and another spot on the back side. The paint is barely noticeable and can probably even be removed with some latex paint remover. However, if you use these for work you probably have no need to do so.

Black Utility Kilt $75 SOLD!!

I reviewed this utility kilt earlier in the blog and you can read the review and description here. I won't add much more to the description other than it is a 23" length which is just uncomfortably short for me, at 6'5". I wanted this kilt to be longer and then I got lucky and found the exact kilt in a longer length. So I'm happy with that and maybe you can benefit and be happy with this one.
Front of kilt

Back of kilt

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Three Kilt Day!

One thing I do enjoy about Chattanooga is its diversity. Contrary to what some may think of this part of the country, Chattanooga is an interesting social mix of people. There is a very strong tradition of conservative church-goers while at the same time an active alternative culture. It seems to make this area a little more accepting of "different people." Sure, I get stares and giggles when I wear the kilt in public but so far the only overly negative displays against my kilt-wearing has come when I have been in another city. So I'd like to think Chattanooga is a little more open to the kilt. I have heard there are several other regular kilt-wearers in this area and I finally got verification today when I ran into two guys in their kilts attending the Chattanooga Market.

I must begin with an apology. When I had my photo made with this gentleman, I asked his name and then decided to trust my own mind to remember it. Unfortunately my own mind chose to remind me I'm 50. I can't remember his name. Even worse, the name is just two initials. One of the initials is P. I can't even get the old mind to hang on to one letter. Fortunately, I did give _.P. the website address of A Year In A Kilt so hopefully he will stop by, click this email link, and remind me of his name. My apologies. I have seen _.P. several times in the past strolling through the Market in his kilt but it was only a couple weeks ago that I met him for the first time and heard about his McGregor tartan. He wears it well and I look forward to seeing more appearances in the future.

My second kilt encounter was with Bagpiper Chris Weidner who was in his MacDonald Ancient tartan after playing bagpipes for a local event. I enjoyed seeing the MacDonald Ancient up close since that is also my family tartan and I own a couple of the modern ones. Chris told me horror stories about having his photo made on St. Patrick's Day with women who had apparently had a little too much Irish whiskey. They would do the photo countdown and right before snapping the photo, they would lift the kilt. Scary stuff. There's more to that story too but, er... I'd better let Chris tell it to you. I'm posting a video of Chris playing the pipes and if you like what you hear and find yourself needing a piper I suggest you give him a call at 423-619-8094.

Not a bad day at the Chattanooga Market. Let's get some more kilts out there!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tough Gig

I knew when I made the decision to strap on the kilt for a year that it wouldn't be easy. There are a lot of difficulties guys in kilts have to face that I'm not sure the general public is aware of. You become the subject of pointing fingers, spontaneous giggles, not-so-discreet whispers and even straight-out laughter. In Nashville I was chased and taunted by a truckload of rednecks to the point I thought I was going to have to whip out my sgian dubh and teach those rude youngsters a lesson. It's enough to make a man want to put on some pants. And then there's this: recently, while attending an art festival I was approached by a tall, young, attractive woman named Dena who informed me that she and her husband have a special tradition when it comes to kilt-wearers. Apparently, any time they see a kilted man in public, Dena must kiss the man while her husband get a snapshot. Seriously. I was afraid to ask if I would be the first subject in their photo adventure or if they had several albums full back home. At any rate, I was more than happy to oblige them and thus, my very first "kissed by a stranger" photo of my year in a kilt journey. I do hope that the general public is a little more informed about the trials we kilt-wearers must daily face. Not to mention the horrifying lengths Dena had to go to to uphold her family tradition.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Still Not Got

Thought I would post a follow-up to my previous post about ordering a kilt from the company GotKilt. It has been exactly 2 months ago today that I put in my order for a utility kilt and a few accessories. In spite of attempts to contact the company through email and through their Facebook page, I have not seen my order nor have any of my emails been returned. Someone has updated the Facebook page several times since I sent a message but no one has bothered addressing my email. The funds for my order have already been subtracted from my bank account through PayPal but I have no products. At this point I would advise anyone considering ordering anything from GotKilt to beware. I've dealt with several kilt companies the past few months and so far this one has been the most unsatisfactory.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Observations

#1. It's interesting getting stares and giggles at my kilt from people headed to the pool with towels wrapped around their waists. Just sayin'.

#2. "Regimental" is overrated. That's right, I said it. Wearing the kilt "Regimental" (or "commando" to some of you...) is seriously not very practical and I'm not sure why anyone wants to do it. While I've worn the kilt sans skivvies a few times in the past few months, today was the first time I did so all day long. Maybe it's just me but wearing the kilt this way is so much more uncomfortable. It's hotter, sweatier and one has to take even greater care when sitting in public or getting in and out of one's vehicle so as not to pull a Paris Hilton. Two days ago I was wearing my thinner SportKilt and the crazy winds were forcing me to recreate the famous Marilyn Monroe subway grate scene in The Seven Year Itch. If I had been bare-cheeked during that incident I've no doubt I would have seen a police ticket and several passers by vomiting. I dunno. Maybe letting the boys play free under the tartan is a younger man's activity. I'll continue giving it a fair shake (oops...) but I'm not feeling it at this point.

 #3. When I first decided last September to wear the kilt for a year I purchased a whole lot of stuff I thought I would need or want to wear that I probably never will. So if any one else out there is thinking of doing this, just let me say, put your money in a few comfortable, durable kilts, a nice belt and sporran and a kilt pin or two and hold off on any other accessories. It's all about the kilt.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Big Five Oh

Here it is people. The big 5-0. My fiftieth birthday. The official launch of a year in a kilt. Today was not too bad but I'm just going to have to get used to that number 50. It doesn't sound right. It doesn't feel right. I don't even know what 50 is supposed to feel like but I guess I thought it would feel worse than this. Doesn't feel much different than 25. Just looks twice as bad. Today I celebrated in my MacDonald SportKilt. I've discovered that the SportKilts make nice summer kilts. Light fabric, cool and easy to manage. I'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming season. Winter kilts are moved to the back of the closet. Time for some serious kilting.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Got Kilt? No, Not Yet.

In spite of my previous rant about utility kilts I decided to try one last time for the perfect utility/work kilt. I made this decision after checking out the GotKilt? website and noticing that they can make one in an extra long length, something I've realized I need if I'm going to do work in a kilt. I put in an order for a kilt (plus a few other items) and prepared for the extra 6 week wait that a specialty kilt requires. Since it has now been over 7 weeks and I haven't seen or heard sign of my new kilt I sent an email to the company which has of this posting gone unreturned. Today I went to the company Facebook page to see if there might be additional contact information and I noticed a few other customers complaining about a delay of their orders as well. So now I'm a little concerned. Hopefully the Got Kilt? company will get my order shipped soon and I'll be able to give the new kilt a great review. Stay tuned.

You may notice I haven't posted in awhile. I thought it might be nice to wait around for the big 5-0 day to arrive before I started regularly posting again. That day is creeping up faster than I want to think. Friday. April 27. No turning back. I'll be strapped into the kilt for a good long year, come what may. On a positive note, I plan on hanging out at the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Saturday after my birthday. If you're going to be there and you recognize me, buy a tall, poor, middle-aged kilt-wearer a tall, birthday Guinness. It's the least ye can do.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Utility Kilts

I've decided that utility kilts are vile, vile things. I thought I would purchase one or two to wear at my work and after purchasing four of them now from different companies I'm not sure I can recommend any of them for work wear. I'm an artist and do a lot of mural painting and much of my painting involves sitting on the floor and scooting around a wall. This has proven pretty much impossible to do in a kilt.

In an earlier review of a utility kilt from AmeriKilt I revealed not only how poor that kilt is to work in but also how impractical it is to just generally move around in. While this one kilt was the worst, I'm discovering all of the utility kilts I've worn so far have their own difficulties. The pleats do not hold up well while sitting and moving around on them and the kilt does not hang well or hold it's shape well after sitting and moving around. The heavier material is needed for work and multiple pockets are helpful for sure but I don't think it's worth having to constantly adjust the pleats and kilt shape. Even something as simple as driving a few minutes turns the kilt into something not unlike a ballerina tutu. I suppose it's something one must be prepared to work with when wearing a utility kilt but it's frustrating.

At this point I plan on keeping a utility kilt at work and only wearing it during the work hours. I'm going to attempt to avoid wearing it out in public and perhaps then I can not tackle the embarrassment of looking like I'm wearing a poofy skirt. I'm content to stick with my real kilts and leave the utility kilts to only those times it's a must.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something Funny Going On Here

You might think it takes some bravery to wear a kilt around all day but I gotta tell ya real bravery is deciding to wear a kilt to a comedy club. Especially when it's a very small comedy club down south. And even more so if you plan on sitting in the front row right there in front of the comics. Having spent 10 years as a stand up comic myself, I knew it would be a dangerous maneuver. I also knew it had to be done since I wanted to see Marc Maron perform at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta on January 21 and so I made the trip down. I wore my Irish tartan kilt from Heritage of Scotland. A good looking kilt for a night in Atlanta.

It was my first visit to the Laughing Skull Lounge so I was a little surprised at how small it was. I think it seats 75 people at capacity. But it was a very nice atmosphere and I can see why many comics like to play the room. Four comics opened for Maron and fortunately only the MC decided to mention the kilt. Not as bad as it could have been so I considered myself lucky.

Maron did a great set and afterward I chatted with him. I told him about my year in the kilt and gave him a really nice Scottish tartan yarmulke I purchased from DesignKippah. I don't know, maybe he'll need it next time he goes to Scotland. Thanks, Marc. Great show! Enjoy the head kilt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Many Is Too Many?

My last two kilts were delivered today and they are my first non "family clan" tartans. I didn't have plans to acquire any more kilts but two of the kilts I purchased from one company are so much fun to wear I had to order a couple more. I'll review the kilts and reveal the company very soon but as for now I'll just say that one of the new kilts is a "Black Watch" tartan and the other kilt is a generic Irish tartan. The Black Watch looks very classy and I wanted to honor my Irish heritage with the other kilt. Stay tuned for photos and reviews!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Awkward Questions And Comments

I've been wearing a kilt for 15 days straight now and today was the first time I got the "What's under the kilt?" question. Oddly enough it came from a man yelling it to me from across a parking lot. I responded with "You'll never know!" but afterward decided I should have yelled back "Same thing that's under your pants, only larger!" There will always be a next time.

In addition, two young ladies at different times said to me "I like your skirt" as I passed them. Both were corrected by the people they were with who informed them it was a "kilt." Honorable mention goes to the girl in the ice cream shop who asked me, "Aren't the purses called 'sporrans'?" I'll give her a few points since she actually knew that and because she fixed me up a delicious peppermint ice cream cone.

I have gained a new respect for women who sit down in skirts without flashing everyone in the room. I still have to master this maneuver. During these next few weeks, if you happen to be in a restaurant or coffee shop when I come in, I apologize in advance.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

That's Cold

I'm in Walmart, standing in line waiting to pay when a Walmart employee sees me from across the room and approaches...

Walmart Girl: Aren't your legs cold?
Me: Not at all.
Walmart Girl: I know if I was wearing a skirt my legs would be freezing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Facing Fears

One thing I recognized early after I decided to spend a year in a kilt was that the experiment would be useful in helping me to face some of my own fears and insecurities and teach me some new skills in dealing with some of those issues. For much of my life I have performed as an actor and I even spent several years as a stand up comic. Despite that, I'm still a pretty shy and withdrawn person and I generally don't like to draw attention to myself from the general public. So why on earth did I choose to do something that would guarantee I would draw attention to myself when I'm in public?? It seems strange I know and I have to say the worst part of this experience so far has been having to face those uncomfortable feelings of being stared at. It's not something I think one bit about when I'm on a performing stage but off stage that fear has at times kept me from going into some public spaces.

Today I took on one of those fears. For some reason I've had this huge anxiety about wearing a kilt into a Walmart store. I'm sure it sounds silly and I know it doesn't make a lot of sense now that I've been in several other public areas in a kilt. But there has been something about going shopping at Walmart in my kilt that has caused a lot of anxiety for me. Well, today was the day I needed to make it happen so, ready or not, I took on the fear. As you might suspect, nothing really happened. I heard a couple of comments about kilts (nothing derogatory) and noticed a few stares but that was it. It's quite possible only a handful of people even noticed I was wearing a kilt. I want to say it was a success but I also know There's still a lot of anxiety there and it will take several visits before I can be comfortable with it. It must be done.

One podcast I listen to on a regular basis is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. The podcast is essentially Maron  interviewing comedians and discussing the issues of the stand up comedy world and business. On one particular show Maron mentioned how his number one fear in life was embarrassing himself and yet it was very odd that he picked a career that almost guaranteed he would spend a good amount of his time embarrassing himself. I think that's the way I feel with the kilt. I've chosen to do something that will guarantee I draw attention to myself in public and yet that happens to be one of my great anxieties. This is why I think this year will help change me for the better. It will force me to confront some irrational fears and stare them down. Exciting but a bit scary too.

I'd like to mention that it was quite cold in Chattanooga today and once again I wore my Black Winter Kilt by Trinity Kilts. This kilt is becoming a favorite during the cold days. I decided not to john the kilt and I didn't regret it too much. Maybe in February I'll have to give Trinity Kilts another call.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear John...

Well, it's only day 2 of the kilt wearing and I've already coined a new phrase. When it's cold enough outside that I feel the need to wear long johns under the kilt I'm saying that I must "john the kilt." Usage of the phrase would be " How cold is it outside? Should I john the kilt?" or "It's 16 degrees and I've got to work outside all day. I'm johning the kilt!" There are some who will say a true Scotsman would never john the kilt. Maybe johning the kilt makes one less of a man but It's hard for anyone to convince me you're more of a man if you have nads the size of raisins. I've read that it isn't necessary to john the kilt if you own a heavyweight wool kilt which, as of now, I don't. So until I acquire one I'll probably continue johning the kilt. For the sake of experimenting I'll even try going commando under the kilt in cold weather but I have a feeling, on the most frigid of days, I'll be johning the kilt.

Kilt Collection: AmeriKilt's AK Classic Kilt in Khaki

After my negative review about my Olive AK Classic Kilt from AmeriKilt, I decided today to wear the first kilt I purchased from AmeriKilt, the Khaki AK Classic Kilt. While this kilt is very similar in appearance to the second kilt I purchased from the company, the two kilts are made of different material and the difference is more than minor. Let me print a reminder of the description of the AK Classic Kilt from the AmeriKilt website:

AK Classic - Khaki

The only thing neutral about this AK is the color. Don’t let the soft hand fool you – it’s as hard as nails. The durability kicks ass – whether you're out having a few beers with the boys or installing that split rail fence out back. It's built for extraordinary comfort and longevity.

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton, 8.5oz Chino Twill
  • Detachable sporran of the same fabric is included
  • Wide, tapered upper and lower aprons
  • Secures with six durable snaps
  • Extra wide belt loops for our 2in AK Belt
  • Back wallet pocket secures with a flap

Matching Detachable Sporran

We originated the concept. It’s 6in x 9in and of the same fabric as your AmeriKilt. Large enough for the usual gear... wallet, keys, phone, etc., our sporran has two snaps on the flap to help keep your stuff secure.

Back Pocket

We've included a generous back pocket with a flap that secures with a 1in square Velcro® closure.

The pleats are sewn-in and sharp. The bottom edge is neatly serged with a lock-stitch to avoid frays and pull-aways. Our belt loops are sturdy and wide, made to accommodate our custom 2inch AKBelts.

If you did read the review of my other AmeriKilt you may remember that my biggest issue was in the heavier material the company switched to for its kilts. This kilt is made from the 8.5 Chino Twill as listed on the website description. Because of that it is comfortable and a seemingly strong and durable work kilt and fairly easy to maintain. Like most utility kilts there is some wrinkling and adjusting of pleats after sitting down for awhile but this kilt has nowhere near the issues the newer model has. I spent a good amount of time in the outdoors today with a pretty strong wind and the kilt stayed secure thanks to the six snaps. This kilt was so easy to maintain, I almost forgot I was wearing a kilt. I was reminded that this kilt was the reason I ordered another kilt from AmeriKilt.

It's too bad that AmeriKilt didn't stick with this type of kilt because it is well worth the purchase price. If I thought i could get another one just like it I'd order a black one. But with the new material AmeriKilt is using I'll have to go somewhere else.

Rating (out of 5): 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! And so it begins!

Happy New Year from A Year In A Kilt! That is actually a wish from me, Rick Baldwin, and that year in the kilt begins today! That's right, I begin my year-long journey wearing a kilt starting today in what will actually turn out to be A Year And Four Months In A Kilt. I decided to go on with my initial plan to wear a kilt every day in the year 2012, but also still incorporate my idea to wear a kilt every day of my 50th year. That will make my journey end on April 27, 2013 the day I turn 51 and the day I rediscover my love for pants. For now though it's on so come along with me and find out what it's like to spend A Year In A Kilt!

Kilt Collection: AmeriKilt's AK Classic Kilt in Olive

This kilt from AmeriKilt is the second kilt I purchased from the company and I will review the other kilt later, however I will have to mention it here occasionally as I compare the two kilts since, in my opinion, they are quite different.

First of all, let's look at the description of the kilt on the AmeriKilt website:

AK Classic - Olive
An Olive AmeriKilt is handsome and comfortable – and most versatile. It's perfect attire for a hike on the trail or on casual Fridays.

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton, 8.5oz Chino Twill
  • Detachable sporran of the same fabric is included
  • Wide, tapered upper and lower aprons
  • Secures with six durable snaps
  • Extra wide belt loops for our 2in AK Belt
  • Back wallet pocket secures with a flap

Matching Detachable Sporran

We originated the concept. It’s 6in x 9in and of the same fabric as your AmeriKilt. Large enough for the usual gear... wallet, keys, phone, etc., our sporran has two snaps on the flap to help keep your stuff secure.

Back Pocket

We've included a generous back pocket with a flap that secures with a 1in square Velcro® closure.

The pleats are sewn-in and sharp. The bottom edge is neatly serged with a lock-stitch to avoid frays and pull-aways. Our belt loops are sturdy and wide, made to accommodate our custom 2inch AKBelts.

I purchased this kilt from AmeriKilt because I really liked the first one I purchased from them, a khaki AK Classic. Unfortunately, I can't say vary many positive things about the olive AK Classic. When the kilt arrived I immediately noticed a difference in the kilt material. The khaki kilt I purchased was a heavy material, yet still soft enough for comfort. The olive kilt is a much heavier material. It has the feel of a heavy canvas backpack or a tent even. The material is so heavy that the pleats had gotten extremely misshapen in shipping and it was impossible to get them ironed out correctly. I decided to take the kilt to the cleaners to have it professionally pressed before I wore if for the first time. That did a decent job at getting the original pleat creases back, but it still wasn't perfect. In fact, the kilt seemed to not even be sewn correctly. When I tried it on, the kilt was very uncomfortable and the heavy canvas-type fabric was stiff and had no "flow" when I moved around. I felt as if I was wearing some sort of plastic kilt. I sent an email to AmeriKilt describing my problems with the kilt and received the following answer:

A number of our customers have indicated they wanted a heavier weight fabric - the original AK was thought of as too "lightweight". As a result, over the past year we transitioned our fabric from an 8.5 oz Twill to a 10oz Duck. The new fabric is the same as is used to make the popular "Carhartt" work trousers. It's very durable and - after washing and break in - becomes quite soft and comfortable.
My advice for your new AmeriKilt is to wash it in COLD water with some fabric softener. This will reduce the stiffness. When the wash cycle is done remove the kilt while it's damp and hang it on the line - hold each pleat at the bottom and "pinch" the pleat from bottom to top. This will keep the pleat while it air dries.

Seemed like a lot of trouble to go through before my first wearing but I gave it a shot. I washed the kilt in cold with fabric softener. After the kilt dried I ironed each pleat until they were as sharp as possible. The kilt still seemed out of shape but I hung it up until I could wear it for the first time. That first time tuned out to be today, New Year's Day 2012.

I must say the washing and fabric softener did nothing to help this kilt. When I first put it on, it had a nice look to it but it was still stiff and very uncomfortable. I needed to go out and pick up a few things so it was a good time to put the kilt through the driving test. I drove down the street to the drug store and when I got out of the car the kilt was frozen in a shape not unlike a ballerina tutu. I had to try to refold each pleat back into shape before I went into the store and I think I did an okay job with that but the kilt still didn't feel right. When I returned home, again the pleats had "exploded" outward. The material is so stiff that it freezes into whatever shape it was previously. After getting out of the car, you're still going to be wearing a sitting down kilt. It's totally uncomfortable, hard to manage and not useful.

If you intend on sitting while wearing this kilt be prepared for something like this. Or worse.

I don't think I will go back out in public with this kilt. I thought I could at least use it for a work kilt but that seems impossible at this point. If I could get a refund for this kilt I would do so immediately, however, I doubt that's possible after washing it and wearing it all day. I find it odd that even after getting the email that AmeriKilt switched to a 10oz Duck material, as of today the website describes the kilt as being made of a 8.5 Twill. So even though the company is advertising a 8.5 kilt they are sending customers the 10oz. At this point I plan on running it through the washing machine several more times with fabric softener just to see if I can get the material to relax enough to be wearable. After paying almost $100 for this kilt I hate to just toss it away. Maybe in the end I will end up with a wearable, useful work kilt.

If AmeriKilt continues to manufacture their kilts this way there is no way I can recommend this kilt. This is a shame because I really liked the lighter version. My request to AmeriKilt is that they return to the lighter fabric, or at least give people a choice as to which version they would like. If that is the case I would say stay away from the 10oz Duck AK Classic AmeriKilt. If that is not the case, I would just say stay away from AmeriKilt kilts.

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