Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kilt Collection: "The Works Kilt" by Sport Kilt in Wallace Hunting Tartan

Merry Christmas "A Year In A Kilt" fans! Well, we're coming to the close of 2011 and that means it will soon be 2012 and moving ever so closer to my year in a kilt. The first part of 2012 will allow me to try out my kilts in more situations so keep checking in to the site for updates.

For Christmas I decided to wear my Wallace Hunting kilt I purchased from Sport Kilt. I have two other Sport Kilts, one which I reviewed earlier. The description of "The Works Kilt" on the Sport Kilt website says:

"The Works Kilt" is our world-famous Sport Kilt with four custom options already included. 
The Works Sport Kilt includes:
  • Belt Loops
  • Sewn Down Pleats
  • Fringed Front Panel Edge
  • Leather Buckle Strap Closures  
The material is the same great Sport Kilt poly-blend (no itch!) fabric with superb "swing" and "drape". It's Cool, (No wool!) Machine washable, and holds a crisp pleat well. Each also features our original velcro closure, and elastic in the waistband for comfort and fit, with just a bit of give. Each includes a hidden, 5 by 6 inch stash pocket behind the front panel waistband.

As was the case for my other Sport Kilt, the Wallace Hunting kilt is extremely comfortable. I had to drive almost two hours while wearing this kilt and the pleats stayed nice and straight. It is a lighter weight kilt so if it had been colder I might have complained a bit. Fortunately it was a warmer Christmas so there was no problem. I'm sure I'll have plenty opportunities to test the kilt in colder weather during the next couple months. Regardless this is a great kilt and I look forward to wearing it in 2012! 

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  1. Well great and well done, but no good if you are not actually a Wallace! Sports kilts small choice of tartans is likely to put actual Scots off. It would an affront to me as a native Scot to wear another tartan than that of my surname. I wouldn't even wear the so-called Scottish National tartan, things like that are for people who have no tartan of their own. They are however interesting and cheap casual kilts, but need to branch out into traditional tartans.