Monday, December 5, 2011

Kilt Collection: "The Works Kilt" by Sport Kilt in MacDonald Tartan

This weekend I had the chance to paint at the Chattanooga Holiday Market and I decided to do so in a kilt. Initially I had intended to wear a utility kilt but since it was a festive occasion I decided to go with a tartan kilt. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with my MacDonald tartan kilt from Sport Kilt? The colors are certainly festive enough and with my green Ghillie shirt from Heritage of Scotland I certainly looked Christmasy enough.

The description of "The Works Kilt" on the Sport Kilt website says:

"The Works Kilt" is our world-famous Sport Kilt with four custom options already included.
The Works Sport Kilt includes:
  • Belt Loops
  • Sewn Down Pleats
  • Fringed front panel edge
  • Leather Buckle Strap closures

The material is the same great Sport Kilt poly-blend (no itch!) fabric with superb "swing" and "drape". It's Cool, (No wool!) Machine washable, and holds a crisp pleat well. Each also features our original velcro closure, and elastic in the waistband for comfort and fit, with just a bit of give. Each includes a hidden, 5 by 6 inch stash pocket behind the front panel waistband.

Well, I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable kilts I've put on. It's the second Sport Kilt I've purchased and although both are comfortable, this one feels like it's part of my body. At first I thought the Velcro waistband would become stiff and scratchy, but it isn't in the least. In addition to the Velcro, the kilt also fastens with two buckles on the right side. The pleats stay nice and sharp even after sitting on them awhile and the apron stays secure even in a breeze, which I encountered several times as I was painting outdoors. I wore the matching sash which I also purchased at Sport Kilt. It was very comfortable as well but half way through the day it started slipping off my shoulder. Next time I'm going to try raising the sash brooch. I think I had it pinned a bit too low on the sash. I chose to wear long johns under my kilt since I was painting outdoors, it was cold and I knew I was going to be on a ladder part of the time. I'm well aware that true Scotsmen wear nothing under the kilt but I'm American and I like to break as many rules as possible.

So far this is one of my favorite kilts and I highly recommend Sport Kilt for your kilt and accessories. I've purchased three kilts from them and several accessories and have been satisfied with everything I've received.

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