Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kilt Collection: Trinity Kilts Black Winter Kilt

Today was a chilly, windy day in Chattanooga and I decided it would be a great day to try out my Black Winter Kilt from Trinity Kilts.

This is an interesting kilt with a very "tailor made" feel to it and almost wears like it is part of a uniform. It is very well made and the attention to detail is impressive. The description of the Black Winter Kilt on the Trinity Kilts' website is as follows:
The dominant kilt of modern times, the winter kilt is the original kilt from Trinity Kilts and can be worn year round. Gone are the days of hoping that the hairs on your legs will insulate you through the winter months, give your hair a break and keep your 'free will' intact with the only winter kilt on the market. Our heavy twill is lined with a REMOVABLE heavy flannel liner that conforms to your kilt's shape and wont get in the way. That's right, the liner is completely removable so that you can wear the kilt year round and makes washing a breeze. This kilt is a must have for any man’s wardrobe and is the most versatile kilt on the market.
When I first purchased this kilt I had a few concerns. First of all, it's a very heavy kilt and when the lining is worn it's even heavier. My initial concern was that the weight would be uncomfortable and the lining would make the kilt too "poofy." This turned out to not be an issue at all. The lining is very soft and warm and did a great job at keeping me comfortable in the 40 degree weather and heavy wind. It did make the kilt heavier but I wore a belt with it and the weight turned out to be a good thing in the wind. I wore the kilt without the liner inside my house for awhile and it was very comfortable that way as well. I'm sure I will take out the liner when it warms up but I have a feeling this will become my default kilt when the temperatures drops even further.

My other concern about this kilt was with the material. While it is a heavy cotton twill, it is also very soft and doesn't feel like the stiff canvas utility kilts I've purchased. Because of this the pleats are not very sharp and I was afraid of wrinkles in the pleats when I sat on them.  As it turns out, I drove around in my car a lot during the day and sat on the pleats in a very confined seat. When I got out of my car it didn't take much more that a few quicks adjustments to get the shape back into the kilt. I would still like to have sharper pleats and maybe in the future Trinity Kilts will offer pleats that are stitched but it's not really a big deal and it's more of a preference I suppose. The pleats in this kilt have a very unique feature to them in that each side pleats in toward the middle, meeting in a flat pleat in the back. I think this probably helps reduce the sitting wrinkles.

There are two very deep back pockets in the Winter Kilt. You could store a lot here if you don't mind sitting on it. Very useful to me as I tend to carry a lot of pocket stuff. Also, no need for a kit pin as the two front snaps keep it very secure. The wind whipped at the kilt all day and I was never in danger of being exposed to the elements.

One final item. While the kilt is listed as "Black" I have to say that mine is more of a navy blue. I wore the kilt with a black sweater, black jacket, black sporran, and black kilt hose and the kilt was not really close to being black. Maybe without the other black clothing the kilt would appear black. Let's just call it a nice "blue black."

Most of the criticisms and concerns I have for this kilt are minor and it seems by far to be the best equipped kilt at keeping me warm this winter. I have a feeling it will rescue me during many freezing winter days. I look forward to seeing more from the Trinity Kilt line of hand-made kilts in the future and I have to say if you are going to be spending a lot of time outside in the cold this winter and you want to wear a kilt, the Trinity Kilts Winter Kilt is a MUST!

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  1. A good pair of kilt socks go a long way to keeping your legs warm.

  2. I just wanted to share a bit of light-hearted lechery. I'm a very happily married woman but I do love the look of a rugged man in a kilt. I'm deeply enjoying your blog and I'm going to try to use it to convince my darling spouse to switch to kilts.

    Also, you're a damn good looking man and I do appreciate the pictures. Keep it up!

  3. Light-hearted lechery is always allowed in the kilt world. Keep talking your husband into wearing the kilt. He'll look much better than I do in it. ;)