Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kilt Collection: Tartanista's Black Utility Kilt

The next few posts will be spotlighting the different kilts I will be wearing during my "Year o' th' Kilt." I'lll try to give as much information as possible about each kilt in case someone is interested in purchasing a kilt and might want to use my experience to help them decide what kilt will be best for them. I'll discuss positive and negative attributes (if necessary) of each kilt and update my experience with the kilts as my year progresses.

I'll begin with the black utility kilt from the Tartanista online shop. This kilt is a very comfortable fit made of heavy, yet soft black canvas. The Tartanista shop description says:

  • Heavy Duty Cotton Drill Fabric
  • Sewn down pleats on the back
  • Carpenters Flap Pockets with studs on both sides
  • Antiqued brass buckles and studs
  • Internal studs for better hold
  • 2 fabric straps with brass eyelets and buckles

The kilt is secured around the waist with two snaps, then attaches with a hook and loop strip, a second set of snaps and then finally secured with two buckles on the right hip. Belt loops make this kilt very easy to wear with a belt. The back pleats are sewn, sharp and very comfortable and the pockets on each side are very handy. No need for a sporran with this kilt.

I accidentally ordered this kilt too small at first and had to contact Tartanista for a replacement. Their customer service was great and while my return kilt was still being shipped they sent my replacement overnight. Now that's how you make a happy customer! I chose this kilt as the first one to wear all day and I have had it on today from morning until night. It looks and feels great and I highly recommend this kilt for someone searching for a comfortable utility kilt. My only complaint about this kilt is that it is just barely 23" long and my tall frame would love a 24" version. The Tartanista shop description says the 40" waist kilt is 24" long but mine measures exactly 23". It's not a major gripe but that extra inch would be nice. Still, a very comfortable utility kilt that I'm very happy with and highly endorse.

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  1. This is a nice looking kilt. I like the pockets on the side.

  2. just purchased one of these utility kilts, worn it for two days now and i love the comfort even though its a heavy and stiff material but i'm hoping it will get a bit softer when it's washed! would be nice if the pockets were detachable but thats not that important would buy another expecialy if they put some hip pockets in the apron part of the kilt