Sunday, November 20, 2011

Forgive Us Our Kilts

Here's an article detailing why wearing a kilt is a sin. This guy's obviously a minion of King George II. I assume he thinks Moses wore Wrangler blue jeans. At any rate, it makes it that much more exciting to have the additional elements of danger and potential soul damnation to my kilt-wearing experiment.

Oh come on now, do these guys look like sinners?


  1. I wear a kilt nearly everyday but I am retired and seldom leave the homestead. I am seen but nobody seems to want to give crap to a grumpy old man.
    Wife doesn't like it. Friends of my grandson don't bat an eye.
    I have a kilt blog associated with my regular blog but I'm sorry to say I don't keep it up very well. I will be sewing a new grey wool kilt this winter,if I live, and it will be featured there.
    Good luck. I truly hope your experience is all positive.

  2. Your kilts look great! Hope to see more of them on your site in the future.